ROBIOTIC Weight Loss Challenge: Successful finish

The starting date was January 2, 2019: For four months, the participants in the "ROBIOTIC Weight Loss Challenge" fought for fame, honour and a significantly better result on the scales for a good cause. The first group, consisting of the protagonists Thomas Krekeler, Christian Bachschmid, Ralf Krippner and Dietmar Meding, did everything in their power to lose at least ten kilograms of body weight by today's deadline of May 2, 2019. And despite all the minor setbacks and motivation problems, the results are absolutely impressive: Three participants reached the ambitious goal, the fourth competitor was very close to the magic 10-kilo limit. 

ROBIOTIC Weight Loss Challenge: Die Beweisfotos

ROBIOTIC Weight Loss Challenge 2019 – results for Group 1

- Thomas: From 239 lb to 216.5 lb - achieved with 21,8 lb weight loss!

- Ralf: From 233 lb to 211,2 lb - achieved with 21,8 lb weight loss!

- Christian: From 256 lb to 234,4 lb - achieved with 21,6 lb weight loss!

- Dietmar: From 256 lb to 234,4 lb - unfortunately not achieved, but with 21,6 weight loss nevertheless a great performance!

So the proud winner of the ROBIOTIC Weight Loss Challenge in the first group is Thomas Krekeler - congratulations! Of course, maximum respect and applause goes out to all participants who have proven their commitment and stamina over the long period of time.

ROBIOTIC weight loss challenge group 2

ROBIOTIC Weight Loss Challenge 2019 – results for Group 2

- Jürgen: From 217 lb to 200 lb - unfortunately not achieved, but with 17 lb weight loss!

- Jens K.: From 226 lb to 210 lb - unfortunately not achieved, but with 16 lb weight loss!

- Jens S: From 296 lb to 281 lb - unfortunately not achieved, but with 281 weight loss!

This results in a total donation of 1,380 € for the Nepal Aid of the Abt Bessel Realschule in Buchen! Congratulations!

Spende von ROBIOTIC: Freude in Nepal

In the run-up to the Challenge, all participants had agreed on a good cause: All of the proceeds will go to Nepal AG, Abt Bessel Realschule in Buchen (Odenwald), which has been supporting social projects in Nepal for several years with great personal commitment:

- Each participant donates 10 euros for every 100 grams that he keeps below the agreed minimum target of 10 kilograms (example: participant achieves only 8.0 kilograms weight loss = 200 euros in the donation pot).

- ROBIOTIC donates 100 Euros for every participant who achieves at least 10 kilograms of weight loss and 10 Euros for every 100 grams that are exceeded.

- The winner receives five pounds each from his fellow competitors - very tasty! - Organic Fairtrade coffee marketed by Nepal AG.

- The participants ranking at the end in places 2, 3 and 4 not only support Nepal AG with their donations, but also actively with their personal commitment in the packaging of the coffee, marketing and sales campaigns, etc. The participants are also able to make their own contribution to Nepal AG. 

We are very curious to see what total amount ROBIOTIC can donate to Nepal AG after the entire Challenge. So far we are at 580 € - but with the result of group 2 the sum will increase considerably.

For your information: The Nepal AG of the Abt-Bessel-Realschule in Buchen ( was founded as a non-profit project and has meanwhile developed into a complete "student company" with more than 20 active members. Through several regular projects and campaigns, such as the Nepal Run or the marketing of fair trade coffee, a donation sum is generated every year that is really something to be proud of.

"Dhanyabad" (Nepalese for "Thank you") to all of you for your efforts!


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